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In Peace Is Power: A Course in Shifting Reality Through Science and Spirituality, best-selling author Michelle Paisley Reed shares inspired, timeless wisdom to teach us how our internal world creates our external experiences--individually and collectively. Instead of fighting and resisting what you don´t want, we encourage you to hold a united vision of what you desire, for yourself as well as our world. Using the Law of Attraction as outlined in Manifesting Miracles and Money, this book moves beyond manifesting things, opportunities, and adventures toward shifting our entire earth´s reality from strife to one of peaceful co-existence and harmony. In this book you´ll learn more than 120 lessons including: The Truth is that at your core, you are Love. At your core, underneath all the labels and judgments and opinions and negative emotions, you are peace. You are all one energy field, manifesting in differing creative outlets. Just as you may choose to save or discard an email, to block and delete a Facebook friend, or keep them in your networking circle, so, too, may you block and delete a negative thought that doesn´t serve you. You´ll discover a powerful visualization: seeing your friends, former friends, loved ones, family members--and yes, even your ´´enemies´´ - bathed in Light and Love, bringing you emotional and spiritual healing and lasting inner peace. Non-resistance is the key to inner peace, and it is the same for external peace in your world of seemingly different (only on the outside) people. Only peace lasts. Only peace is forever. Give up the ´´fight,´´ and you will know peace. Be present in your current state of ´´now,´´ in the highest and best version of you in the highest and best dimension you can tap into, and be pleased. 1. Language: English. Narrator: J. Avit. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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